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Juan Carlos Kaiten

Social architect and alchemist specializing in evolutionary leadership, global collective intelligence, social networks and organizational transformation. Co-Founder of the School of Social Alchemy and partner in “TLS: Together Life System”, a social synergy system designed to foster global societal wellbeing. Holds a Master degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, where he started his research on Social Bio-mimicry, and co-developed the “Magic Canoe” model for Large Scale Collaboration. This model unveils the principles and DNA of a global co-creative community.

Have extensive experience in business and social entrepreneurship in Mexico and abroad. His current focus is to research, develop and implement new technologies and opportunities for social innovation that enable communities to operate from the new holistic paradigm of interconnection, unity and interdependence on a local and global scale.

Has participated on several Social Cohesion programs from the Federal Government of México, delivering workshops on Community Networks development, as a way to foster and set the conditions for peace, by  strengthening the social fabric in several municipalities around the country. These trainings have been a laboratory to implement collective intelligence tools as the Meshwork and the Art of Participatory Leadership with great success, supporting in this way communities to develop their resilient capacities.

Member of the LeCiel foundation, a coalition of 144 world leaders and organizations synergizing high impact projects around the World. Currently assessing on how to build a synergistic governance and impact model for the whole network and participates in the “Our Ancient Future Project”. An initiative aiming to foster an Alliance of sacred sites and the activation and preservation of the centers around the planet.
Has been working for more than 6 years developing and leading the implementation of the Wheel of Co-creation with Barbara Marx Hubbard in Monterrey, Mexico and the USA. This framework for social synergy and collaboration has been performed with great impact in 2014 with Government, Business and Civil Society leaders and in 2015 with 12 global leaders, each representing a sector of our societies.

Member of Initiatives of Change, a worldwide NGO based in Switzerland (, where he has led several initiatives to foster synergy amongst their members on its yearly program of conferences and programs aiming to build trust across the world divides.

Has been a pioneer in the area of Social Networks and large-scale collaboration working as a coordinator of the implementation of for Spanish-speaking world and introduced to Mexico the symposium "Awakening the Dreamer" Pachamama Alliance, as a way to create consciousness in action towards a comprehensive sustainability. He is also a trainer in the Art of Hosting community in Mexico.

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