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The School of Social Alchemy (SOSA), offers a framework for collaboration and co-creation at the community and planetary level. It was created following Social Biomimicry principles, to bring balance and harmony to the masculine and feminine creative forces, of any organizational and community transformational process This means learning strategic and relational skills to become more agile and effective when working towards a common goal.

The purpose of SOSA is to foster greater Social Coherence towards a Planetary Awakening. It offers a capacity building framework around its 7 levels of Co-creation.  They represent the 7 levels of complexity, on how humans interact as a local or global community. This framework builds a coherent set of skills, practices and methodologies for social transformation, and enables people, organizations and communities to transit, from their personal mastery process to their collective hero’s journey, towards  more sustainable and thriving communities.

The training modules, will offer a curated array of skills, practices and principles for social transformation. All 7 levels must be mastered for a community to become ‘Resilient’ and to reach the capacity of coping with local and global challenges.


Each level requires different set of skills. There will be experts and a big array of knowledge available to students and practitioners to master each level.­

A community that masters all levels will have the capacity to take collective actions on specific acupuncture points. This means that they have the capacity to know who is who, how to talk to one another, have constructive conversations and collective find solutions and act upon them.












The School of Social Alchemy

This is a framework to ‘Activate Gaia’s Immunity System’

Alchemy is known as the ancient science and art of “transformation”. At this time, we will be looking forward to transforming old paradigms into the new co-creative planetary culture, as we walk through a personal transformative process, growing into our full potential at service of humanity.

SOSA’S framework will bring coherence to a great deal of innovative social technologies, designed to help us evolve our Social Operating System, meaning evolved or enlightened economic, educational, governance, justice systems, etc., towards a more peaceful and thriving societies.

More on What’s the School of Social Alchemy coming soon!

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