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A Self-fulling prophecy

“If you want to know the future – Create it!” Ernest Hemmingway

We are presencing the birth of a new level of consciousness as a Human Race. All the struggles and challenges we are experiences nowadays in the global arena, are the painful birth of a new consciousness We are evolving in our path to reach Universal Consciousness and become children of the cosmos. Yet, first we need to embrace and reach Planetary Consciousness.

An evolutionary perspective will inform us that we are growing in parallel with the conditions to reach planetary and universal consciousness. In order to take an active role in this process, we have been building a series of strategic alliances with leading organizations and networks to enable the following elements described in the chart below. We call them the Developing Pillars for Conscious Evolution and the milestones that are necessary to happen during this decade.

We believe that our global challenges can be collectively solved only when we reach planetary consciousness. This means a critical mass of conscious citizens acting at a planetary scale and leading the way to co-create thriving, sustainable and conscious societies. At the Interstellar Community Foundation, we are taking an active role in making this so, as our purpose depends on humanity avoiding mass extinction by using our collective will and emerging technologies to build heaven on earth.

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